Joey Kantor Query (letters never sent)- Albert

Dear Editor,

Is Christ dead in America? I don’t mean the regular practice of the Christian religion, but the teachings of Jesus, that of love, giving away all that you own to follow Him, loving your neighbor as yourself, loving your enemy? Ask a Christian this question and you will most likely be set straight real quick that, no, Christ is by no means dead, that He is alive and well. But is He?

If this hypothetical Christian is telling the truth then why is there a large mass of Christians in America adamant about following the Republican Party’s teachings that people should have to take care of themselves without government aid, that handouts are a path to a great evil called Socialism which insists on citizens helping citizens, that health care, the keeper of life itself, should only be given to those who are worthy of it, that is, can afford to pay for it. Also, if the Republican Party is supposedly the moral leader in the country, far ahead of the Democratic Party, then why are the Democrats much more in line with the teachings of the Republican Party’s defacto leader Jesus Christ who never once counted self-preservation over community well-being as an ideal?

I’m interested in all of the contradictions concerning Christianity in today’s Republican party. I would like to write an article and explore this subject. It intrigues me that Americans today who claim to be Republicans and therefore the standard bearers of morality represent some of the most un-Christian notions going around today. You would be hard pressed to find a Republican who would suggest giving everything away and following Him. Yet, at the same time, they will swear that they follow Jesus’ teachings literally. Warren Buffett has suggested to them that it is time to practice this sort of Christianity and was rebuffed by every Republican within hearing distance. It doesn’t add up.

I am a former staff writer for the Paradise Post Newspaper in California. Although unpublished as a novelist, I have written three of them. I am also an award-winning short story writer. My stories have appeared in The Dudley Review, Alchemy on Sunday and 971menu. I also have a blog at

On the academic front, I have a Masters in mythological studies with emphasis in depth psychology. I studied spirituality, art and religion from around the world.

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