Just Don’t Do It

Here’s the problem

Don’t crook. When people have no money they crook and it upsets the equilibrium. Righties want strong corporations to put a buffer between them and the crook. Anybody would do it if they suffer crookiness. They would seek out an entity to act as a buffer the next time they have to deal with the general public. The general public can then no longer work together. I can’t remember the problem. All I know is that when someone hurts you, you remember it. This destroys trust. So please, don’t destroy trust. It’s easy to avoid crookiness, just don’t do it.

Then maybe someday people will agree that the corporations don’t have to run everything for safety purposes and we might be willing to do things in the public’s good, like employee-owned businesses and the like. The government trusts us so little that it makes it almost impossible to do anything. Makes you want to move to Spain. No, really. Freedom isn’t free, they say, but it’s not freedom either. It’s bureaucratic slavery keeping the honest man down. Only the corporations can run that business the way they want to on that prime corner of community real estate. Have you ever noticed that all of the greatest community spaces have gas stations on them? Why’s this?

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