a message from joey kantor

hi, i’m your friendly computer icon, your friend when you need one here in this wide wonderful world of the World Wide Web! Imagine that! I can and do everyday, now how can I help you?

Yeah, my wordpress blog turned Chinese on me. Nothing against the Chinese, I love the Chinese people and one in particular, but it don’t mean that I necessarily have to go and change my whole language format around, although it would be cool if the Chinese readers could read it too, so maybe I’ll have a Chinese FKLC, etc, etc.  Business school, almost spelled it “skool.” Business school tells us how to win out over the competition. But what about the competition’s kids? More people are starting to realize that a society can thrive when it helps itself (it’s people) out through acts of fairness and kindness mostly, yup, those two can go a long way. It’s a good  place to start anyway. It’s possible to build a community to make up for the randomness of that “casino” on Wall Street that dictates our daily economic fear factor, but, anyway…tried to put Lullaby Lovers, my 1994 novel on there. Looking at it again and editing it a little more and it might be passable, I’m hoping, anyway, i’ll see if I can get this language thing on WordPress fixed up.          fklc

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