The Duping of the people of the United States of America

i am covered by an ocean,

I am a man at the bottom of a placid sea

I see sun as sparkle, nothing there for me

the world cackles itself to death,

America bathes in ruins

too many of our people reacted without thought

in killing others our Campbell’s soup got cold

we lay near lifeless, collective heart withering

but we won’t stop till the last loud voice is heard

all loose ends tied neatly for this project

we shout loudly against kindness in the street

when one asks we tell them that Jesus sent us and they go away

the next day the corporate heads look serious on t.v.

another victory  furthering  the demise of the United States

oh, they say, you’re on that team while we’re on this

yet call themselves citizens of the United States of America

the laughing fat men behind curtains chomping cigars,

hats suddenly in hand, oh good citizens listen to what the stars tell you (cue the stars)

more of the machine demands more of the man

and we will give and give until we are sour with our selfishness

but others won’t give and will walk, leave our country for its having left us

for those who control know that you can kill a country by removing its kindness

but they will not care, for America was never their country to begin with

and the Jesus starers who didn’t know that they were being duped

will continue to stare and wait for the devil to rise higher and higher, such beauty!

and the devil will smile and trod gracefully back over to the huddled masses,

fangs bared, blood red lips that we will kiss over and over and over again

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