Otis Thought

Otis thought…
I don’t care what Otis thought
You would
Would but wouldn’t. wouldn’t would. Wouldent.
Just as I thought
Whaddya mean
Like Susie?
Like Susie but different. You got the people headed brain pump.
That’s pimple. The people headed brain pimple that’s going to pop. We all pop. Everybody. That’s what we’re made to do. Or flip. Like spermatozoa or salmon in a river. We’re supposed to jump, pop, make a splash, but then it’s over. Just a small entertainment for a very small portion of mankind, but if we all do it then we think that there’s some sort of magic going on. Look at all the fish jumping. Look at all the people popping.

Then there are the patriglorphs, always remembering, will cry with you, but are really quite tough, have a bad reputation for being too good. People don’t believe it. Don’t trust it. But it’s true. Some people are good. Or pretty good anyway. What does good mean anyway?

Went to the yesterday. Nothing much happened. Just kidding. Didn’t go to the .

Otis thought nothing.
Othis thought something.
Otis doesn’t exist.
Otis does exist. He comes here at 3 and 5.
He’s a figment of your imagination.
He is the janitor.
He is not.
Hello, otis. See…
Are you the janitor.

When otis was born, his mother called him James. His stepfather called him Otis. Otis. It’s so easy to stop writing. Welcome. Redundant. Can only last a quarter of an hour. So much for that…

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