nothing does man fear
more than fear
he loathes
no other contaminant
half as much
for it leaves
the birther
and child,
one and the same
deeper in sadness
yet grimly
thereby justified
for having given
vacant gazes
unasked for
to the fearer
of his own fear
he gives plea to a mercy
he’s never believed in
pushing false energies
as if paying homage
to ghosts
yet he is ever
in such a task
as escaping
the hollowed hole
his eyes
balled tight,
never quite rolled
away from the one
just met
and fed
less than well
who, truly
having then met fear
becomes fear
blackened brothers
then they are
for having joined
a stranger’s moment
of buried nothingness
facing each
they fear
their own de-facing
of a better face
to coddle demise
believed in
only in shrouds
as if each believed
their own face
too unhandsome
to blink with
to part the dirt
on the way down
before introductions
even whisperless,
each separate each
finally and cold
holes away
from each

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