Leopold Loses

Yes mom
Come down to supper.
Whats for supper mom?
You like stew dad?
Does Jimmy like stew?
I hate stew! Mom, Leopold is trying to make me say that I like stew!
Oh, leave Leopold alone. He’s just trying to figure things out.
So, if you like stew and you hate stew and I like stew, sometimes, and mom likes stew, then why do they name people after stews, when stew is only so-so? Like the Stewarts? What about Ronnie Stewart? Jimmy knows Ronnie Stewart. Does his family like stew?
Mom, tell Leopold to shut up!
Shut up yourself you demon’s calf and go and hush up there. Your brother Leopold is reading them books. You ever see how fast he goes through em? Jimmy, stop, look over there at your brother. Do you think Leopold is “normal.”
Leopold’s crazy.
No he’s not. He’s special. He’s smarter than both you and I. I need you to understand that Jimmy, Leopold is smarter ‘en you.
That dummy is smarter than me?
Yes, he is. He’s way smarter en you. He’s got what they call you’uns, see? See? An IQ test and he’s off the friggin charts and he’s young yet, okay? You was young once.
Never as young as Leopold. Leopold’s the baby! Hahahahahahh!

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