Excuse me, but Israel (and America), wake up…

Israel has been a lot in the news lately, my news. I am looking into the Gaza Strip situation  on the internet and am wondering why we as a country are supporting them with arms after learning of what they have been doing to the people of Gaza, treating them like they were prisoners. It is called Mass Punishment, but I call it a shame that we are helping to support it. No wonder the Arab world wants us to wake up and stop supporting the Israelis with arms. Give protection to the Israeli’s from slaughter if need be, always; to Palestinians now and Israeli’s then, in some nebulous then. They do not need to incarcerate an entire population because the mouse at various times attacked the cat.  Innocents killed randomly. Homes destroyed. Families. Go ask your average American family who Senator McConnell is,  they will all stare at you with the same way before going back to hitting each other and screaming from the kitchen. We’re all the same. We, Americans, are helping fund the punishment of children along with their parents who are Innocent! We cannot continue to fund this sort of corporeal punishment. It is inhuman and unAmerican.  Check out some people who are really trying to do something about the horrible conditions being meted out by Israel in the name of safety. There is a peaceful rescue flotilla going into Gaza as we speak. They are doing live updates. There is a chance that the Israelis may shoot them out of the water. Worse things had been done. freegaza.org

Remember, violence only begets violence. Knowledge is never meant to be used to destroy another human being. Vengeance belongs to God alone or no one. All we need here is a little kindness and a little wisdom. The Good Ol’ American Way!  A good start to “fighting” terrorism, too. God bless all of the countries in the world and may their strong keep their others strong until the wise people of the world wake up and move their fingers like a wand and say “enough.”


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