Get a Free Thousand Years

Love is not in the game plan for old joe.
Not even close
he wants nothing but to live and love and
maybe get laid now and then,
but until then,
he ain’t doing none of it
He’s like a teenaged girl
hoping for something to happen
which won’t
he sits around and laments the facts
of existence
pure and simple
He loses touch with himself
and dreams of times when he will know
something greater than what he knows
which isn’t much
but is something
although he’s not sure
what it is

character #2

yeah, but he knows better than to come around here.
We’ll kick his skinny little ass back to burbank
I don’t need that guy hanging around here
he gives me the creeps
He’s always talking about the way life should be
When is he just going to sit down and shutup
and appreciate the way that it is?
It seems to me that people like old Joe don’t know shit
about sherlock holmes
Seems like us old farts who sit around her day after day
have lost touch with something, but we don’t know what it is
joe says he does, but he don’t either
that’s what bugs me
the nerve of this guy to profess that he knows what is and isn’t true

character #3
Ah, give him a break.
Joe’s walked more golf courses than you’ll ever walked
raised three kids and two grandkids when the one bailed on him
he’s a loudmouth, sure, but he’s a good hearted loud mouth.
That kid over there. Joe taught him how to play.
You can’t tell by looking at him, but that kid shoots in the low 70s
and that’s because of Joe.

Character #2

yeah, but joe is so full of shit that kid probably improved his game
just to get joe off his back.
Hey, kid, put down that hamburger for a minute and come over here.

The kid, about seventeen, comes to the table and addresses the old man who called him. There are three other old men there. Bill, Wade, Tom and Jack.

You think that old guy Joe is a good teacher? I mean, did he teach you your game?

Kid (Craig)
joe gave me a couple hints once or twice, but I picked it up mostly by myself.

so the old man’s full of shit?

I wouldn’t say that, but he’s a little bit talky.

a little bit talky?

well, I guess he’s a lot talky.

That’s better. He’s a lot talky. You can go back to your burger.

(This has been a test of recollection patterns from my people to yours. We will now circumnavigate the globe thrice more until we have full systemic patterning at which point the human may be allowed to live another thousand years before destruction. Thankyou.)

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