Mysteria Went

There was once a man named Rodrigo who did not know everything, but he knew some things and the one thing that he knew was that he would live to be an old man and die alone on a hill overlooking a cliff or in his bed but he would be old. Rodrigo knew that time was on his side but he didn’t know what would lie before him. Everything was … the form would become him and he knew what it would be. … at last sight he would be known to have been gone. Then he was. But first there was anna maria who he married and … how come some things…

The image of a woman’s breasts here

Go there then, go there then again.

How come? You.
Time management
Literary management.

Use questions where question marks are unneeded
Ask questions but first knead it, the bread that is…
Oh, c’awhmahn! Darling…

And mysteria walked out of Theodore’s life forever, never turning back. Theodore had said that one solemn thing and at its passing from his lips he had released mysteria from that which she had needed from him and she went. Mysteria went.

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