Jed, Countyjail and Johnny

Once upon a time and what a time it was!

There were three dead dogs lying underfoot.

Now, I like dogs. Dogs make me smile.

So I’m walking down the road and I see two other dogs dead underfoot. And that makes me sad. Of course. Right? Yup. But anyway, these dogs were all dead and and then I saw why.
Billy was out playing that day I guess. I’m sorry. Shit. I never shoulda dun this ya know?

I don’t care if I forget a comma or two, but walking out into these shallows without a thought to what’s coming up behind us to gulp us down at any moment just like that new movie that’s coming out about that big alligator eating everybody up.

Of us.

Shit.Well I guess its like that. Its like a big alligator coming up from thebottoms of thelakes to eat us up.
Well anyway …

Those boys killed Billy that day. Tied him up with a rope and beat him like they did each one of those five dogs that I was talking about. But like I was originally trying to say before I started originally trying to say something I realized my feet were running very fast towards billy and especially towards that boy who held a club and was beating billy.

Now I was only 13, you see. Right around Billy’s age and these were two grown men. But I needed to take that club away from that monster was beating billy with it. So my feet carried me. And I took that club away and I started beating him with it. Until I thought maybe he was dead. All I knew was he was going to start beating me too and I said shit alls fair in love and war and got strong all of a sudden as my 150 bench lift finally came in handy in p.e.

I took that club and I brought it down overhis head and he stopped then I brought it down over the head of the other one who was standing around but looked like he might still be dangerous.

I don’t know if he died. You always feel sorry for that one. He’s the dylan klebold killer of the world. The ever accomplice. Never ever gets to choose his fate.

And then I took that boy out of there. He died at home, though. But that wasn’t what I was orignally trying to say. What I meant was that I was carrying that boy home over my shoulder his face black and blue literally, his eye creeping purple up to the very edges of it’s allowability to close itself! And these two cops see me and I think they musta been standing guard for them others to beat that boy because they didn’t seem to care a shit about me and especially this little boy

ah, we getting off on a bad foot aren’t we…i’m Countyjail.
Good ta meet ya, County Jail.
What’s your name?

chapter 2 of “of the sweet dreams of dying dogs”

the clumsy disadvantages of living your life on the edge is that you get to chase down all those dreams too. You get to walk along the fairyland of existence, meet all of the interesting characters in the arts, God Forbid! Or you think that you are going to be a part of some grand minstrel show and travel the world and act as though you own it.

Yeah, County, but….pizza.
No pizza, Johnny.
No Pizza. Boy, you are a dumb one. And that’s what I was trying to tell you about having to carry someone. Now he weren’t no popular person for these men to be beating him and then the way they handled him from me and shit. I thought if I gave that boy to that police officer it was just the same as handing him to the angel of death. So I thought, no, I’ll be the ambulance driver on this one. So we get in the car and he drives us to the hospital, but i’m watching guard. I don’t trust my own people at this moment and am looking around for a few good, nice black faces who might be peeping out the window and might of seen the fight so when they try to pin it on me they won’t be able to, but that’s not my important part. My important part comes now. One of em was turned around and looking at us and he see me a young scrubby white boy out digging for worms for fishing and my friend here who was almost dead. And that mother fucker had the audacity to look at me in such a way that I was going to claw his eyes out and kill him. And after awhile they pulled over and those two men were there. I guess they’d woken up or something or just let me have the boy because their consciouses wouldn’t let them survive without doing so…well, anyway, I ended up flat on my face, half of it in the mud. You ever have your tongue covered in mud? You ever taste worms? I thought I finally got the chance. But you see, I am a little story to tell and I’m going to tell it. Me and worms always been friends.

no Pizza
no pizza
pizza pizza


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