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H^ry appears to have been piqued as on author and a theo-

log}^ in adding the dause concerning his own Institution of

A CHiU3TiAN MAN, which had been treated with the same sort

of ridicide. Yet imder the general injunction of suppressing

all EnglU^b books on religious subjects, he formally excepts,

among otb^rB, some not properly belonging to that class, such ‘

as the Cantckbuby Tales, the works of Chaucer and Gower,

CRONiciiSS, aod Stobies of mens lives ^. There is also an

exception added about pkys, and those only are allowed whidh

weice called Mobalities, or perhaps interludes of real character

and action^ ^^ for the cefauking and rqiroaching dL vices and

the setting fortb rf virtue.” Mystekies are totally rejected®.

TbeTesen^ons which £:>llow,^ concerning the use of a cc»rrected

£d)glish Bible, which was permitted, are curious lor their quaint

pai^tialityt aiul they sh^ir the e^ibarrassment of admmistration,

i^ ^ d^&^t business of oonfimng that benefit to a few, fron^

which aU might re^ advantage, but which threatened to be-

Kxm^ a general evil,, without some degrees of restriction. It is

absolutely fi^rbadden to be read cur expounded in the church.

1^ lord, chancellor, the speaker of the house of commcms,

captaines of the parsy justices of the peace, and recorders of

cities, may quote passages to enforce their public harangues,

(f^ has been accustomed. A nobleman or gentleman may read

k, in his hoi^e, orchards^ or garden^ yet quietly, and without

disturbance “of good order.” A merchant also may read it

to himself private^j. But the common people, who had already

abused this liberty to the purpose of division and dissentious,

and under the denomination of womerij artificers, apprentices,

journeymen, and servingmen, are to be punished with one

mcmth’a imprisonment, as often as they are detected in reading

the Bible either privately or openly.

” 3rAV» Ajan, S4, 35. Henr. VIII. Mr. Warton must mean Mathews’s in
Cap. i. Tyndale’^ Bible wa» prinjted at 15S7.-i>HxRMiKT.l
Paris 15S6. [I kno

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