The world’s fear is our fear. Our fear is the world’s fear. Let’s not get too fearful. Comfort your neighbor today, no matter who that neighbor happens to be. As long as we don’t give in to the fear we will be okay. We must all lay down our arms, or at least set up a system to know if we are close to getting our head blown off. We must all respect the other’s ability to blow ALL of us up at any time.

We must hope that the world will not fail today. We must pray for longevity and we must rejoice for sanctity, for those us of who are trying to find peace. You can arrest 200 fans of Widespread Panic for drugs, but you can’t take away the prayer that they’re saying for your soul. You can’t forget who holds this world together; the dreamers, the Christs, the Gandhis, the Martin Luther Kings, the people who stood for something. Well, those people who stood for something all got killed too, didn’t they? Well, maybe we ought to thank God for those who have come before us and if we ourselves suddenly get plugged, then let us say: It is a good day to die today. Today, it is a good day to die. The world is alright today. Today the world is alright.

What world’s then? What worlds then? What worlds then if we let this one be blown into bits so small that even the gods fairies would fear to pick them up? What world’s then, if the world is so destroyed through hatred of oneself first and then the mirror reflection of oneself, better known as “them?”

We need a doctrine of love. Pick a religion. Pick one. Jainism. Can’t go without a mouth covering for fear a live being, an insect, would go inside and die. Didn’t want that dead insect. Didn’t want it in his nostril or soul or heart. To him that thing was a human life. Do you see the beauty of a true religion’s way? We are taught first and foremost not to kill other things. We must obey the commandment.

Why do we as a nation kill in order to avoid being killed? Why must we kill in order not to kill? Some would say an alternative would be impossible. Well, would it? Think about it. Would it? If I decided I didn’t want to kill you and realized it would be easier to work with you, then I would. I don’t want you dead. No matter who you are. You’ve got a family. Maybe your mother still loves you. What world’s then if we all blow everything up because we can’t stand our image in the mirror? Don’t we know it’s seven years bad luck if you crack a mirror? Seven years! That’s a lot of years, but anyway, the way I see it is if Diana was going to say one thing before she died, she would have probably said, and I believe this, to “don’t fight.” Don’t fight. Don’t fight, everybody. Everybody. Don’t fight. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love everybody. Everybody love. Love. Love. Everybody love.

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