from Babybirds

“I said, “I would give up everything, the entire Arabian, for love, if it came down to it.”
“You didn’t say that.”
“The Arabian is a great hotel, a majestic place, a worthwhile endeavor all around, but is just a speck of sand in comparison to the majesty of real love.”
“What did my dad say?
“Nothing. He just stared at me for a minute and I stared back and smiled. It was like I didn’t even know what I had said. I was just thinking about Maria. I love Maria that much and it just came out. Then he smiled back at me and didn’t say a word. He just went back to his veal and ate. We all just returned to our plates and ate.”
“You pulled a Jed Jones on him. You stood up for something that was true and cut his legs out from under him. My dad is not capable of love. He hates your guts now, because you have something he could never have. He’s not capable. You didn’t know that. Goddammit. It’s like you hit him in the head with a brick, Jesus.”
Me and Tad just stared at each other, each lost in his own personal hell. The end of the dream had arrived just when I thought it was about to truly begin.
“Do you wanna count change? He doesn’t want you up here.”
After a moment I heard words break through the cloud of doom that had covered my entire being.
“Yeah, I guess so.”

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