from Teardrop – by Albert Jones

I thought that if I wrote the best story ever written then I would become immortal.

Kierney: and you believed this?

Kantor: Oh yes. I believed that if I wrote a story that was of a notion immemorial then I too would be saved the hatchet man behind me even as we speak or so it is in my daily and worst of nightmares.

Kierney: I didn’t know.

Kantor: Yes.

Kierney: Getting back to Petals.

Kantor: Yes.

Kierney: You said that you believed that you would go to heaven in a literal sense because you believed that you were made of spiritual stuff. Please describe what you mean by this word “stuff.”

Kantor: I sometimes look back at what I’ve said and the way that I’ve said these things and I wonder why the people didn’t hoot and holler me out of town for being a complete bore. But I guess that maybe this whole thing is about living longer and feeling better by living right, eating right, exercising, playing. Everything. So I realize that the world is real. It is real. My new email address is smthngns Somethingness!

Kierney: Somethingness.

Kantor: Somethingness. It’s something to have found something that will let me know that I may live in peace. A peace is allowing all of God’s children to live under the fruit of their desires. We have a duty to every child in the world. As we do have the same duty for our elders.

Kierney: That’s what you mean by Somethingess.

Kantor: Family, basically.

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