welcome from the howling hills

I am back from the howling hills of the places where the hills roll and the wind blows. Out there there is no here here. In here there is no there and vice versa although you could check with my agent first and i doubt that he’ll tell you anything because he’s in florida anyway visiting his sister, who is sick or something. I don’t know. Figure if your stuck in here that you might as well make the most of it. Till Kantrowitz gets to you. That Kantrowitz. Who are you? You don’t know till Kantrowitz tells you who you are because its his book. Make a living as an idea, they say, because they need you and you know its the only thing you’re really good at, but the work is hell and you miss where you came from and its just all around not that great. The work is not all that great.

the work is not all that great by Albert Jones 2013

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