That was the beginning.
No, that was the end.
No, that was the beginning.
No, that was the end.
No, that was the beginning.
No, that was the end.
Too clever. What?
Too clever. Too clever. Everything.
Everything is too clever.

Pure force, allotted,
when nothing seems besotted,
well, to now we go, again, to now, again, we go.

Your mind is little, too pieced,
too formed in such a way away from who We are.
You are the last best hope, but you don’t know it
and we don’t want to tell you anymore.

If I fell from the sky
I would land in a field
and a cow would look up
and say moo
and the moon would just stay there
throwing glow upon everything,
including me,
and the silence that was mine
would melt in the night
with crickets, the moo,
and a trickling stream.
It’s police work from here.

You failed.
You failed.
In everything,
not just that thing,
you failed
and now everybody knows,
including me.
They say words will disappear soon.
Go away. No more.
I don’t believe that.
I think that words will disappear
into the images that we see,
the sounds that we hear
and when we need them
they will arise
and we will know through them
like fingers pointing at the moon.

Skip before you jump.
Look down.
Fear (most of all) so that
you don’t even want to go.
For if you fear before you go
then you will not go
and you will not die
and you will not have to care again
and that will be good
because caring hurts
when you are the only
who seems to do it.

There is no laudatory eye.
Your work is done in the dark
and when it is finished
it is kicked into the shadows
and over time will disappear
like a body.

But be spry
because otherwise a Younger eye
will see things
and its moist craws and tight bends
will attract
and the animal that we are
will pounce
because all of us,
all of us
are afraid to die.
And we will be mid-list.

because everything you have ever done
has been a waste of time.
Everything you have ever written
has been written before.
You just wrote it through your lens.
You think other lenses haven’t already written it?


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  1. wow that was sweet to read you always inspire me

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